Heart attack: Three warning signs you MUST know

HEART attack symptoms may come on suddenly and, if you don’t know the signs, you may think it is something else. Having coronary heart disease, or another form, can increase your risk of having a heart attack. These are the emergency warning signs you are having a heart attack.

  • Heart attacks are responsible for more than a quarter of deaths in the UK
  • Some will start suddenly, but others may happen more slowly and only show slight symptoms
  • You must know the symptoms so that if someone is having a heart attack you know what to do
  • If you see someone having a heart attack you should call 999 immediately

Heart attack symptoms can appear rapidly, without warning.

Your risk of a heart attack is increased if you have a high-fat diet, are a smoker, have high blood pressure, have high cholesterol or are overweight, according to the NHS.

These increase your risk of coronary heart disease, which is when blood vessels leading from your heart get clogged up with deposits of cholesterol, or fats.

In a heart attack one of these may become damaged, causing it to block the blood vessel. This stops the blood supply to the heart, suddenly triggering this dangerous event.

You must know the symptoms and act quickly, to reduce the risk of the heart attack being fatal.

As many as one person every three minutes dies of a heart attack in the UK, according to the British Heart Foundation.

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